Jenn’s Review of Shattered by JL Drake 

Title: Shattered 

Author: JL Drake 

Genre: romance, dark romance 

Stars: 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

After witnessing the murder of her lover and the heartbreaking loss of their unborn child, Savannah wants to end it all. 

Then she is given a second chance at love. 

Sadly, even when life hands you second chances it doesn’t always follow that things will work out the way you want them to. 

Some lies can just be too painful to move on from.

What’s worse than being Broken? 


JL Drake is an absolutely awesome story teller.While I did love Broken, this book just had something a bit extra to it. I laughed a little, cried, shouted at the characters living in my kindle  (cause yeah they can hear me lol) and just fell more in love with this story the farther along I got into it. This book is full of twists and turns and will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions. One of my favorite books you have written so far! 

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From best-selling author ​Riley Edwards​ comes another, heart-stopping last chance military romance.

After the love of Lily’s life and best friend dies in combat, she struggles to move on – until Carter Lenox enters her life. Carter has a secret, one that will destroy Lily. But when a terrorist hell bent on revenge tries to kill Lily, Lenox has no choice but to claim the one woman he should

never have.

FREE – A Black Ops Romance

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Genre​- badass military romance

Heat level​ – Smokin’

Over 18! Bad boy alpha military men use foul language and enjoy dirty talk.

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He was my first love…

I wanted him to follow his dreams. I wanted him to escape the life he hated. I thought I was doing the right thing by not telling him how I truly felt. Until it was too late, and my silence turned into my biggest regret.

Twelve years ago, Shane Owings died, taking my heart with him. I was left devastated and broken hearted. Time didn’t heal, as the years went on I only missed him more.

She was my best friend… ​the only woman I ever loved.

When I ran off to join the Army, I left behind everything I had ever loved. I thought I was doing the right thing, but my good intentions quickly turned into my biggest regret.

Every year on the anniversary of Shane’s death I watched as Lillian Nelson visited Shane’s grave and spilled her secrets to a dead man. Each year I hoped she wouldn’t be back, that her heart would finally heal and she would move on. But year after year she was back. So many times I wanted to reach out and comfort the beautiful woman, but I knew she would never forgive me. It was my fault Shane was dead.

Until…​ A terrorist shows up looking for revenge.

I had to come out of the shadows and protect the one woman I had no business falling in love with.

Free is a steamy last chance at love military romance. No cheating. Guaranteed HEA.

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About Riley Edwards

Riley Edwards is a best-selling multi-genre author, wife, and military mom. Riley was born and raised in Los Angeles but now resides on the east coast with her fantastic husband and children. Her two eldest children have flown the coop and are now serving in the US military.

Riley also has a teenage daughter that is the source of laughter and wit around her house. Her youngest son is a “bad-ass” in training and is very much a mini version of his Alpha father.

Riley writes heart-stopping romance with sexy alpha heroes and even stronger heroines. Riley’s favorite genres to write are romantic suspense and military romance. (Those are also her favorites to read.) She’s known for her jaw-dropping plot twists. You know the ones? Those pivotal scenes in a story that when executed so flawlessly it leaves you breathless and begging for more? Yeah, those! She’s mastered the art of blending suspense, romance, and smoldering sexy times. It’s like Criminal Minds, and the Spice Channel mated, and a perfect love child was born.

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Money Can’t Buy Love 

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Sometimes love demands a second chance, but it will never be bought, no matter the amount.

Powerful. Confident. Sexy as Hell.

Lust might ignite the flame between them, but love will have its way.

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When the hottest and newest virtual reality game is released, it doesn’t take fanatics Felix Moon and Erica Beale long to enter its magical world. A place like no other, it becomes everything to them – and there is more than they bargained for. 

VRES is more than a game – it’s an experience that you will never forget. Once you enter, you will never want to leave. Draw your sword, equip your armor and be ready to fight to the death.

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Black Ruins Forest by Karen Dubose is live!

*Every decision and every move can either mean her death, or ultimate power.*

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Dariya’s daydreams have gotten her in trouble more than once, yet she can’t help but dream about what shifter she will be. Graduation is now upon them, and Dariya is looking forward to working at the Zilo Firm, gain her independence, and become the woman she always dreamt of becoming. However, fate has other plans. The mysterious guy who’s been in her dreams turns out to be real and he works at her firm. Her best friend and protector, Kira, will stop at nothing to make sure Dariya is safe from harm, but the elders have other plans. Every decision and every move can either mean her death, or ultimate power.

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Red and her Wolfe by Blythe Reid 

They call me The Wolfe.
I hunt women the way a wolf hunts lambs.
And I just found my latest prey. She’s a long way from home. We meet on the plane. And there’s nothing as
vulnerable as a girl who’s homesick after her first trip abroad.
The girls I’m used to want my money and my looks.
This girl is too innocent for either of those things.
She wants me because of the way we lock eyes. The way we instantly hit it off. The way we seem to have
been made for each other.
And I want her because I’m The Wolfe.
I hunt innocent young women like her.
It’s what I do.
#Hot #Sexy #Alpha

Scarlet Excerpt:
My feet were curled beneath me as I leaned back against my pillows. I opened my book to the marked page
and smiled to myself. With my schoolwork and chores, I couldn’t read as much as I wished. It had been almost
two weeks since I last opened Flames of Sorrow.
No one understood my love for romance novels, but I was obsessed. They were my one escape, my way of
stepping away from reality. When I read, I believed in soul mates and passionate love. I could experience
exciting things through the characters in these books.
Flames of Sorrow was about a couple who were doomed to spend eternity apart. They were both immortal and
therefore, destined to live forever. The only negative was that they could never be together. If they so much as
looked at each other, they each began to develop a horrible illness.
Still, they managed to spend one day together every five years. If they kept their time together limited, they
wouldn’t get sick. One day was never enough, but it was all they had. They were willing to risk everything
simply to be together. I’d read Flames of Sorrow many times before, but I always came back to it. To me, it
embodied the definition of true love. They loved each other with a passion I’d never known. Plus, the sex
scenes were amazing.
I found myself hiding in my room late at night, reading the scenes to myself, imagining what it would feel like to
act them out with a man. I knew it was just a fantasy, something I could only dream about enjoying one day.
Still, it was my fantasy, and it got me through my mundane life.
As I read, I lost myself in the pages. I became Annabella, faithfully waiting for Diego to find his way back to me.
I was her and she was me. In those moments, I became one with my book, and I loved every single second of
it. Until my mother entered my room without knocking and pulled me back to reality with a painful thump. I
jumped, shutting the book quickly and looking at her attentively. My nerves were immediately on edge. My
mother didn’t approve of my extracurricular activities, and she made her opinions known every chance she got.
“Scarlet,” Mom said, shaking her head. “Why on Earth are you wasting your time with this nonsense?”
“I like it,” I said with a shrug. Her disapproval bothered me, but I tucked the book under my pillow all the same.
If it was out of sight, she would forget about it quickly.
Claire Timms was not your typical mother. She was more protective than anyone else in the world. Having
been homeschooled most of my life, I was ecstatic to start college, but my mother made sure I didn’t leave
home. Instead, I attended the local college and took classes there.
I tried to persuade my mom to let me move into a dorm room, but she refused. She said it was too dangerous,
that I would be exposed to horrible things. I didn’t know enough to argue with her, but deep down, I thought
she was wrong. I saw the fun college students had, and I was desperate to partake. “You’ve read it a thousand
times,” Mom said, rolling her eyes.
“Not that many,” I said. “Besides, I’ve been so busy lately, I haven’t had time to read anything. Now that
school’s over, I can finally enjoy myself again.” “You can,” she admitted with a nod. “Bu, you need to pick better
ways to spend your time. Those novels just fill your head with all kinds of fantasies, Scarlet. They aren’t real.
Men like that, they just don’t exist.” “Maybe they do,” I said softly. “Somewhere.”
Luciens Excerpt:
“Love is overrated,” I said with authority. “The only things women want me more for are my body or my money.
I’m happy to share my body with them, but my money? No. It’s not worth it.” “It could be worth it,” Adam
argued. “If you found the right girl.” “No such thing,” I said. “They’re all the same. Just gold-digging naggers.”
Adam laughed. “Damn, that’s harsh.” “Maybe,” I said, “But it’s the truth.” “I don’t think so, man,” Adam said.
“Love is real. There’s someone out there for everyone, even you.” “You sound like such a chick right now,” I
groaned. “What the hell happened to you?” He laughed. “Nothing. I’m just not you.” “Clearly.”
We fell silent for a while, just waiting for the minutes to tick by. When I checked my watch, I saw that we had
half an hour left. I groaned and leaned my head back against my seat. Adam handed me a magazine and I
nodded gratefully. I wasn’t at all interested in reading, but it was better than staring at the ceiling.
I flipped open the cover and mindlessly turned the pages. Nothing caught my eye. I closed the magazine with
frustration and glanced around. Adam was captivated by his magazine, and I didn’t want to bother him.
Instead, I looked around the terminal, searching for a bar. When I found one, I half-rose from my seat until I
heard a nervous voice coming from my right. “I’m sorry, but I don’t understand. I have a ticket. Why can’t I get
on the flight?” I glanced over to see a girl about my age standing at the ticket counter. She had her hands on
the counter, and her green eyes were wide with fear. My eyes were instantly drawn to her long, red hair. It
flowed down her back smoothly, and I found myself wishing I could run my fingers through it. Shaking my
head, I got rid of those thoughts and focused on her conversation.
“We’re overbooked,” the gate attendant said. “I’m sorry, but there’s just no room on the flight. We have to
bump someone and since yours was the last ticket purchased, it has to be you.” The girl stared at the gate
attendant in horror. I could tell she was at a total loss. She’d clearly never been in this situation before. Judging
by the way she kept tapping her foot, she was incredibly nervous.
I didn’t know what compelled me to do it, but I was suddenly on my feet. The girl just looked so lost and
helpless that I couldn’t resist. I hurried toward the counter and stepped up beside her. Smiling kindly at her, I
turned my attention to the gate attendant. “Is there a problem?” I asked. “No sir,” the gate attendant said. “I’m
just explaining our policy to this young lady. There’s no need to get involved.” Her voice was firm, and her eyes
were set. She didn’t want me to cause a scene in the middle of the airport, but I wasn’t happy about the
situation. This beautiful girl was standing alone at the ticket counter, asking for help, and no one came to her
rescue. So, I did. “And what policy is that?” I asked. I kept my voice level, calm. “Sir, we’ve overbooked the
flight,” the attendant explained.
“So, unfortunately, we have to bump someone. I’ve just informed this young lady that she’s been bumped.” I
nodded. “I see. Well, my friend and I actually bought an extra ticket because we like to have space on our
flights, but if this woman needs the seat, it’s all hers.”
“You don’t have to do this,” the girl whispered to me. I glanced at her and smiled encouragingly. She smiled
back, her cheeks blushing slightly. “You have an extra ticket?” the attendant asked with a frown. “I do,” I said. I pulled out my boarding passes and handed them to her. She nodded. “I see. Well, that seems fine then.” I
smiled. “Perfect.”
The attendant typed something on her computer and then printed out a new boarding pass for the girl beside
me. She handed it to her, and we turned away from the counter. I looked at the girl kindly and waited for her to
speak. She was blushing brighter than ever and seemed to be at a loss for words.
The sight was incredibly endearing. “You really didn’t have to do that,” she said softly. “I mean, thank you, but it
wasn’t necessary.” “It’s not a problem,” I said. “That policy is total bullshit anyway. Why would they sell more
tickets than they could accommodate? It doesn’t make sense, does it?” She laughed.
“No, I guess it doesn’t.” “What’s your name?” I asked, stepping closer to her. “I’m Scarlet,” she said. I smiled.
“Well Scarlet, I’m Lucien.” “It’s nice to meet you, Lucien.” She smiled and extended her hand to me. We shook
hands, and then she looked down at her feet, nervous again.
I fought the urge to laugh at her discomfort. She was already embarrassed, and I didn’t want to make her feel
even worse about herself. She looked so innocent standing there in the airport. With her dark red hair and
emerald green eyes, she could have been a model, but she seemed completely unaware of her beauty. I could
tell by the way she shifted her weight from one foot to the other that she wasn’t used to this much attention
from a man, especially not one as attractive as me.

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Eluding Nirvana by Victoria L King


Three years lost; a body marred and a mission complete.

Waking after a four- day coma, Kady Jenson felt her life crashing down around her. Three

years of her memory were missing, and the compelling man at her side was not her years-long

partner, but a stranger – a stranger who promised to help her recover what she had lost.

But how did Kady come to such a place?

What dark, mysterious events had stolen her past and threatened her future?

How did her lover become a stranger, and this stranger become so terribly important?

What happened to turn Kady’s orderly life into a terrifying nightmare which would leave her

permanently marked, body and soul?

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Thing Fifteen by Erin Lee is live!

*Justice is Haunting. Karma is the sprinkles on top.*

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My name is Beverly. I’m more than a Thing.

Every town has its legends. I would know, I am one of them. I am the girl they tell campfire stories about. The “well-liked librarian” who was going places until she was kidnapped and eaten by the Ice Cream Man. I am the warning parents tell their children about, the woman whose remains were never found…

There’s so much more to my story than how I died. 

My name is Beverly Watkins. I was twenty-seven years old the day I perished at the hands of a serial killer. For more than a year, Master Jimmie kept me in his favorite freezer and took me out for weekly playdates. I was the cherry on top of his twisted ice cream sundae; the Thing he called Fifteen.

It’s only the beginning to my story. You see, justice is haunting. And tonight, I’m in the mood for it. I’m here to set the record straight, to make sure all the facts are tied up in perfect yellow bows like the ones they tied around trees for me. I won’t rest until I’ve told my own story, my way. Which reminds me: I have a visit to make.

Care to join me?

Jenn’s Review of Filthy by Michelle Horst 

Title: Filthy

Author: Michelle Horst 

Genre: dark romance 

Stars: 5🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

I’m only good for sex. That’s what I’ve been trained for my whole life. I’m a puppet. I only know how to be your perfect fantasy. It’s the only life I’ve ever known … until him. 

I’ve been replaced, discarded like trash. Beaten, damaged, treated like an animal, I’m forced to leave the only home I’ve ever known.

With a warped perception of what life is really like, no dignity, and no one to call my own, I’m on the verge of giving up.

But then he saves me. For the first time in my life I’m given a choice. I can stay and have a purpose again, or I can leave and face the unknown on my own.

I choose to stay. I choose to belong. I choose to become something more than damaged goods.

Hope. It’s the one thing that kept me going. At first I hoped that I would be the perfect slave, but now I hope to be the perfect woman. He’s my damaged hero.

I want him to see me. The woman. The survivor.

He gives me strength. But all I want is his heart


I want to start by saying I’m in love with this author! She knows how to weave a story I can absolutely loose myself in. This book, Filthy, absolutely wrecked me. It tore my emotions apart and I loved every second of it! This is a beautifully written dark romance that left me devastated and happily satisfied. This is a standalone but I would absolutely recommend reading Dirty first. If you love dark and emotional this is definitely the book for you!